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Strengthen Compliance

momentum-c GmbH is the leading Swiss provider for compliance awareness and for digital compliance projects.

Our great experience as communications experts and project managers enables us to effectively communicate ethics and to digitalize compliance.

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Frank Spenna

Founder & Director

Communications expert with an infallible sense for customer needs and first-class coffee.


Luc Marrel

Legal Counsel - MLaw. Responsible for bullet proof content. Passionate about client advisory.

Annett Wolters

Annett Wolters 

Project lead and creative director. Responsible for design and graphics. She does not compromise on​ quality.

klaus neu.jpg

Klaus Reinelt

Art director. The steady eye for high-quality image films, eLearning and expressive photos.

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Compliance is communication

Mapped out, effective communication increases the impact of your compliance tools and creates sustainability.

Controlling and supporting culture

Strategic communication interconnects the interests of human resources, compliance and management. The key is to replace emotional outbursts with short and clear communication that everyone understands.

Internal communication is not marketing

Credibility is perceptible. Regardless of whether your company is a global corporation or an SME, quality, intensity and clarity always prevail.

Compliance Management Systems (CMS) - continuity and sustainability

Implementing a CMS is a challenging project based on many interlinked process steps. Especially if you try to implement your CMS according to ISO 19600, compliance communication is key to meeting the norms. Communication is an integral part of the CMS and is continuously planned, performed and reviewed.

Inform -
motivate - communicate

The "tone from the top" is not always top-notch. And "from the top" is never a good enough, sustainable solution.


It is important to try new paths. Nothing off the shelf really works efficiently.

Start small and learn to communicate with

Companies shape their own organizational structures and corporate culture. A functioning culture requires a style of communication that fits the company.


News and opinions on
Compliance, Corporate Governance and Risk Management
with a spotlight on communication.
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