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Reference Projects

Concept for Compliance Communications


HOERBIGER, a provider for the automotive industry, desires to formalize the management of compliance awareness. The concept developed by momentum-c strategically positions compliance communication.


The tools developed allow to operationalize company values with specific compliance topics. The resulting compliance awareness becomes one with the corporate culture.

Compliance Kommunikation

Governance, Risk und Compliance (GRC) as a Brand: Continuity for GRC Communications


Autopistas, a Spanish provider of infrastructure, wants to strengthen the effectiveness of the compliance management. momentum-c proposes to unify all Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) functions under one brand - a GRC brand with a recognizable design and a proper claim.

The brand devleoped by momentum-c was successfully integrated into an awareness campaign for compliance (online and offline) and is still being used in the communication of GRC topics.

GRC Brand.png
Gap Analysis for Compliance Awareness


VINCI, an energy technology company, desires to measure the compliance knowledge and the compliance awareness in parts of their workforce. momentum-c gets the job done with the gap analysis for compliance awareness.

The gap analysis for compliance awareness is a systematic process to provide the most accurate overview of your particular situation. Analyzing the results of this process identifies weaknesses and opportunities for intensified training. The goal is to enable the prioritizing of compliance topics using the created risk profile. 

The gap analysis is perfect for pre-stage planning but also for the implementation of a Compliance Management System (CMS) in accordance with ISO19600.

I. Status

Interview with individual departments: Capturing key data of the Compliance Management System (CMS) and communication landscape

II. Perception

Online survey of the target group: Identification of awareness and effect of compliance.

III. Gap Analysis

Detailed analysis: Communication gaps exist where desired and perceived effects of compliance do not match.

IV. Recommendation for Action

Planning: The objective is to make more effective use of existing communication tools and

to achieve maximum impact with additional means of communication.

Image Film


The approach of Baloise Group, a Swiss insurance corporation, is innovative: Compliance training is supperted by an image film. Employees are motivated through a strong tone from the top.


Additionally, external stakeholders are addressed by communicating commitment to compliance and referring to compliance in a positive context. As a result, the brand "Blaloise" is strengthened and compliance communication has become compliance marketing.

Leadership Workshop: Compliance Change


V-Zug, a Swiss home appliences manufacturer, recognized the positive effect of an ethical corporate culture on the business outcome. momentum-c supported the change process with its leadership workshops.

momentum-c's approach to topics of culture and values is based on the change model of John P. Cotter. A sound and impactful tone from the top is only possible if managers know and understand why value based compliance is crucial to their business.

Compliance Change
eLearning Nuggets: Theatrical Performance and Video


Innovative approaches are needed in order to make eLearnings a success. For Baloise, a Swiss insurance provider, momentum-c collaborated with a local drama group which playfully performed scenes related to the Baloise Code of Conduct. The scenes were turned into short and entertaining videos. Each video then became part of a unique and mobile friendly eLearning nugget of 3-4 minutes duration.

Since some of the topics like antitrust legislation or data privacy are quiet abstract the theatrical performance allows to experience these topics hands on. momentum-c also cooperates with drama groups for content of its Compliance Library as well as for live events such as compliance days.

elearning nugget
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