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Foundation for strategy and planning

c-scanner for compliance communication

Is your communication effective enough to reach your target group? Are you using the right channels? Is there untapped potential?


Our c-scanner is a systematic process to provide the most accurate overview of your particular situation. Analyzing the results of this process identifies weaknesses and opportunities for more detailed communication planning. The goal is to optimally address your unique compliance issues.

The c-scanner is perfect for pre-stage planning but also for the implementation of a Compliance Management System (CMS) in accordance with ISO19600. The process is as follows:

I. Status

Interview with individual departments: Capturing key data of the Compliance Management System (CMS) and communication landscape

II. Perception

Online survey of the target group: Identification of awareness and effect of compliance.

III. Gap Analysis

Detailed analysis: Communication gaps exist where desired and perceived effects of compliance do not match.

IV. Recommendation for action

Planning: The objective is to make more effective use of existing communication tools and

to achieve maximum impact with additional means of communication.

  • High planning reliability for compliance communicatiom

  • Foundation for strategy and planning

  • Monitoring & controlling of goal achievement

  • Management review

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Strategy EN




Every organization has different communication channels as well as its own corporate structure and culture.


momentum-c designs the right solution with creativity and experience. Whether you are looking to implement a Code of Conduct or launch a whistleblower system, using the appropriate communication concept is crucial.

  • Compliance becomes distinguishable within the company

  • Employees are reached individually

  • Topic is strategically positioned in management


We will generate the right planning tools for your compliance communication. Target groups, budgeting and all appurtenant subject matters will be tailored to your company. We will provide you with an overview of how to manage your compliance communication, either in the form of an annual plan or beyond.


  • Certainty in daily operations

  • Budget under control

  • Reporting to the management


Use the momentum-c training for compliance managers to uncover all opportunities in your company.


We will discuss best practice examples from companies with you and show you how you can be more successful with sustainable compliance communication.


  • Certainty in daily operations with effective communication

  • Increase in compliance impact within the company

  • Personal growth as compliance manager

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Digitale game


Over the last few years, digital training for employees has become obligatory and best practice. Measurability also plays an important role. Your goal might be to implement your CMS in accordance with ISO 19600 or maybe you want to strengthen your compliance defense (defense in case of damage).

momentum-c has gone a step further and invested a lot of energy into communicating content. Ultimately, employees should question their own behavior. This only happens when eLearning becomes interesting and entertaining.


We offer customized eLearning sessions as modules in common formats, or you can use our own learning platform right away. We handle hosting, data maintenance, module processing, and evaluation. All data is stored securely on Swiss servers.


  • Innovative compliance communication

  • One-Stop Shop: Creation - Analysis - Hosting

  • High credibility and sustainability

Digital educational game


Skillfully deploying the momentum-c compliance game in your business not only creates awareness; it is also implemented more sustainably when methodology and didactics are experienced in a playful way. In contrast to eLearning, content is embedded in a dynamic story. The player decides where the story goes.


Is your company ready to implement compliance playfully?

  • Creative approach

  • Awareness guaranteed

  • Realistic game scenarios


Do you want to secure compliance know-how in your company and optimize processes?


With our digital tutorials we create optimal learning tools so that your whistleblower system or other parts of your CMS can be experienced audiovisually. Train new employees quickly and efficiently.

We offer tutorials in all languages, text only or synchronized narration.

  • Optimized processes

  • Secured know-how

  • Innovative training method

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Enterprise Box


Package solutions
for compliance communication


Take advantage of an all-in-one solution. If you are looking to achieve more continuity and increased efficiency of your compliance communication, allow us to put together the right package solution for you.

Example c-365 

  • Analysis with c-scanner

  • Creative concept for print and digital communication

  • Annual planning

  • Monthly content creation

  • One-day training for compliance communication

  • Use of the eLearning platform


  • Best benefit/cost ratio

  • Process reliability

  • Long-term increase in compliance awareness

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